O Canada!

Her Story

O Canada! Her Story takes you on a grand tour of Canada through the ages. Historical narratives and biographies tell her story in a creative and lively way that draws the reader in, grabbing his or her attention from the start. Learn about the people who dwelt in this land before the Europeans arrived, the Vikings who discovered and temporarily settled this territory, the immigration and emigration of various people groups, the heroes who have shaped the face of this nation, and the people who adore their beloved homeland.

This book will be heartily enjoyed by Canadians, of course, but is a must-read for all students, especially Americans. Canada, the second largest of all nations on our planet, is also one of the most overlooked. Its history is all-but-forgotten in world history textbooks and its people largely ignored. This is surprising and unthinkable, for the story of this broad and gorgeous nation is also fascinating and world-changing.