The Star-Spangled State Book

Join us as we travel from coast to coast, learning about the 50 states!

From the disappearance of England’s first American settlement to California’s population explosion of 1849, you’ll experience the growth of a new nation. From Plymouth Rock to Pearl Harbor, you’ll follow the course of American history and geography through the pages of The Star-Spangled State Book.

And when you’re done and you think you’ve learned everything you can… Well, crack your knuckles, take a seat, and turn the pages to one of our challenging brain games.

Trust me, if you want to stay in the know, the four GeoQuizzes are for you! Great for children 4th grade on up to adult.

The State Book contains 80 glossy full-color pages. The 264 jam-packed pages of the coordinating workbook CD-ROM (included with your purchase of the softcover book) turn the State Book into a 36-week curriculum.