A Child's Geography™

Travel to far-off lands with your children!

This is a complete, stand-alone geography and history curriculum.

  • each book covers 10-15 countries with:
  • the engaging text and vivid full-color photos of a “living book”
  • narration prompts to cement learning and understanding
  • notebooking, timeline, and mapping activities for context
  • helpful pronunciations and full definitions in the glossary
  • activities that focus on art, music, poetry, and regional cuisine
  • optional prayer walk for each country

Do you and your children desire to catch a passion for God and all of His people around this glorious globe?

Come. Let’s go into all the world together.

Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts

Grab your children by the hand. It’s time to explore our world throughout history.
Let’s go into all the world together!