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Product by product, we have built out the affiliate resource center for you with all kinds of resources, including banners, images, and email templates! Read below to find out how we support, train, and encourage our referral partners:

1. Affiliate Resource Center – we’ve provided a resource center for you that contains all the coded links that you’ll need to promote any of the products or programs we offer. The resource center also includes images and banners in various shapes and sizes that you can place on your website, blog, or social media page.

2. Freebies – we also provided many free ebooks and product samples that you can give away to your friends. These are specially coded with your affiliate link so that you get credit for any purchases they make as a result of your free giveaway.

3. Click/Sale Tracker – when you log in to your affiliate account, you will be able to see how many click-throughs have come from your referral links, plus a record of every sale you’ve made.

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As an aside, I know that many of you have referred our products to your friends just because you like them and for that we have been so grateful. Now we want to bless you in return! By providing you with a sale commission, we are simply saying “thank you” for doing what you have already been doing in the first place. If you have never recommended our products to anyone because you are not familiar with them, you might want check them out before using your special affiliate links. We only want referral partners who love our products and can share honestly how much they love them. A good affiliate rule of thumb is to only promote products you believe in. 🙂

When you sign up to become our affiliate, we require that you to accept our affiliate terms and conditions. That way, we are all on the same page. We pay sales commissions quarterly and only on completed sales, minus any returns (which happen rarely, we are glad to say).

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